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The Fuzzies

The Fuzzies

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The Fuzzies is a game about creating gravity-defying towers out of fuzzy little balls.

Draw a card and remove that fuzzy colour using either tweezers or your fingers but you can not get out of your seat. Stick it anywhere higher on the tower. If you are successful, the next player goes, but if any balls drop, you must draw cards equal to the number of balls dropped and do the challenge on your next turn (e.g., remove a Fuzzy while covering your eye).

The game ends when someone knocks over the tower. That player is the loser, everyone else wins!"

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    • CUTE BALLS - You're building a tower out of FUZZY BALLS that inexplicably stick together - “It’s magic.” – The GameCasters
    • GREAT FOR KIDS & ADULTS ALIKE - An all-ages game that takes literally 5 seconds to set up.
    • STRATEGIC - Win by using all your skills to strategically place Fuzzies and set up your opponents for failure.
    • CHALLENGE CARDS - These cards throw in an additional challenge to make your task just that little more difficult.
    • GREAT FOR KIDS & ADULTS ALIKE - With a huge variety of funny, tricky and outrageous challenges to test your skills, this board game will have you hooked in seconds, no matter your age!
    • EASY TO LEARN, HOURS OF FUN - Takes 2 minutes to learn, guarantees hours of belly-busting laughter!
    • INTRIGUING - People will come over and ask what you could possibly be playing (in, like, a good and friendly way)


    • 95 Fuzzies
    • 30 cards
    • 1 rulebook
    • 1 container with lid
    • 1 tweezers

    Did we also mention that these Fuzzies are drop-dead cute! You won't be able to stop touching them!